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Meltemi is the name of a wind blowing in the Mediterranean Sea, and Melusina — the two-tailed mermaid from the Celtic mythology — is the unmistakable logo of this publishing house. Indeed, the female spirit of fresh water symbolizes Meltemi founders‘ willingness to publish books which could steer and guide any “sailor of thought”.
The history of Meltemi began in 1994 with the publication of some significant anthropological manuscripts, which still represent the flagship of its catalogue along with the many essays on Cultural Studies as well as Postcolonial Studies, which Meltemi first introduced in Italy.
Its historical catalogue consists of about a thousand titles, and a network of authors including the greatest scholars of contemporary thought, such as Peter Sloterdijk, Slavoj Žižek, Edgar Morin, Marc Augé, Judith Butler, Bruno Latour, Bernard Stiegler, Nancy Fraser, Siegfried Kracauer, Michael Taussig, Pierre Bourdieu, Monique Wittig, Tim Ingold, and many others.


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Virginia Ascione


Meltemi‘s publications are distributed by Messaggerie Libri Spa (, the leading and most important independent distributor in Italy for both books and e-commerce.
Our titles are promoted by Libromania S.r.l. (, operating in publishing promotion, provision of business consulting services, and in digital publishing.